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Small Businesses Solutions

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Small, Medium and Micro Businesses

Affordable professional services and solutions with a focus on the holistic improvement of an SMME's online presence, the optimisation of operations, and the identification of business needs, the needs solution design and the build of the needs designed solution.

Drive More Traffic to Your Website

A 20% optimisation of the technical aspects of your website and social media can have an 80% positive improvement on your website traffic!
Cyber Marketing; SEO, Ditigal Marketing, Online Shop

Operations Optimisation

Develop custom solutions for small businesses to optimise their business' operational model for maximum output. Solutions can include re-designed processes, standard operating procedures, guides, dashboards, etc.
Miro and Small Businesses Management Consulting

Management Consulting

Identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems and can include software-systems, organisational change, strategic planning, process improvements,  and/or policy development. Other consulting areas we specialised in are Property Management, Facilities Management, and Business Information.

Operations of Micro and Small Businesses
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